POLMAN S.A. offers service of cooling towers. The offer includes building, modernization, demolition and repair of cooling towers and industrial chimneys, natural draft cooling towers, fan-assisted cooling towers.

Our offer:

·        design works - engineering,

·        technical expert opinions of cooling towers and chimneys,

·        disassembly and assembly works,

·        modernization works,

·        anticorrosion protection of steel constructions,

·        repair and protection of reinforced concrete constructions,

·        consultations regarding utilization of dissassembled materials,

·        dissassembly and utilization of asbestos materials,

·        demolition works.


POLMAN S.A. offers a sale of materials regarding technologic water cooling:

·        fills,

·        drift eliminators,

·        spray nozzles,

·        ventilation shutters.



We’re looking forward to doing business with you!