The most popular applications of hydrodynamics:

  • construction works: paint removing, concrete cleaning and dismantling, equipment and instruments washing, natural stone cleaning, monuments cleaning, etc.
  • airports: paint removing, removing of rubber and another sediments from runways, in changing expansion joints;
  • foundries: scales removing, blast furnaces cleaning, conveyor belts cleaning, floors, casts, forms, instruments cleaning.
  • breweries: tubs cleaning, pipelines cleaning, sewage systems  and walls cleaning, etc.
  • cement mills: cleaning of floors, trusses, walls, conveyor belts, tanks, riddles, etc.
  • chemical and petrochemical plants: cleaning of heat exchangers, reactors, mixers, evaporators, pipes, tanks, sewage systems, resin cuting and removing, PVC, hard polymers, etc.
  • coal mines: machines cleaning, heavy transport machines cleaning, emulsion pumping etc.
  • shipyard industry: concrete piers renovations,ship hull cleaning, tanks,paint removing, etc.
  • car industry: painting cabins cleaning, transporting hooks cleaning, painting elements, washing and cleaning.
  • paper industry: cleaning of tanks, pipes, mixers, riddles, presses.
  • power plants: cleaning of combustion chambers, cookers, kettles, heat exchangers, pipes, turbins, filters.
  • municipal works: sewage systems cleaning, graffiti removing, removing of unnecessary signs from the streets,
  • food industry: cutting forzen food, tanks washing, cooler washing.
  • transport industry: cleaning of vehicles, tanks, carriages.
  • and: highpressure testing, cutting of different kinds of materials e.g. synthetics, leather, stone, removing all of coats e.g. rubber, paint, resin etc.