POLMAN SA Management consists of two persons:

Mariusz Nowak
President of Management Board

In years 1987-1994 has conducted own business. In 1991 he became a co-owner of POLMAN S.A. In years 2001-2007 he was acting as President of Management Board of POLMAN S.A., and from 2007 until March 2009 has occupied the function of Visepresident of Management Board. In march 2009 the Supervisory Board again appointed Mr. Mariusz Nowak as President of Managment Board.



Piotr Krawczyk
Vicepresident of Management Board

Since 1984 he has conducted his own business. He has been with POLMAN since year 1991, initially working as a company attorney. Since 1994 he is co-owner of POLMAN SA, and from 2001 he is uninterrupted acting as  the Vicepresident of Management Board.