We benefit from the EU funds for the company development and improvement of company innovativeness. 

Grants for innovations.

We invest in your future.


We’ve benefited from the programmes:

Measure 8.2  “Support for the implementation of electronic business transactions B2B” dedicated for technical (IT) and organisational ventures, which lead to automation of business relations between collaborating enterprises.

Measure 6.1  “Passport for export” this support is available for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, who have not engaged in exports or sales in the single European market before or have done so on a small scale. The aim of this priority is to support entrepreneurs by consultations and co-financing  of approaches to increasing their activity in foreign markets.

Measure 1.5  “Development of enterprise” which includes research and development of modern technologies (enhancing the significance of the education sector in the economy by means of realisation B+R assignments). It is dedicated for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises which will be provided in an access to new technologies, certification and quality systems. This measure concentrates on enterprise investments and modernization of enterprise equipment (machines and devices purchase, softwares).



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