Катализатор служба обработки

Due to the POLMAN S.A. Senior Management decision to diversify the range of services related to Oil and Gas Industry, a new Division related to Specialised Catalyst Handling Services has been set up within the POLMAN S.A.

POLMAN S.A. Catalyst Handling Division is a new and energetic branch which was formed in order to provide the Oil and Gas Industry with a much improved procedure to meet their catalyst handling and specialized loading requirements.

The POLMAN S.A. team has a wealth of experience in the industry and is able to provide the technical support and advise necessary to supplement the technology and so ensure that all our clients’ aspirations can be achieved in a cost effective, timely, safe and professional manner.

POLMAN S.A. is dedicated to the principle of complete customer satisfaction and will make every effort to achieve this goal and form strong, long term relationships.

Catalyst Handling Services:

  • Catalyst unloading by gravity and vacuum methods under normal and inert conditions.
  • Catalyst loading by conventional methods and CALYDENSE dense loading method in conjunction with CREALYST S.A. France www.crealyst.fr.
  • Reformer unloading and loading services.
  • Catalyst, ceramic balls and support materials and screening and de-dusting.
  • Project management and supervision
  • Technical advice for catalyst handling activities optimisation.
  • Reactor mechanical associated works.
  • Soda ash wash and de-neutralisation for reactors and reactor internals.

Our professional and dedicated team will provide a full range of technical services to support the catalyst handling operations and introduction of new technology into the workplace, ensuring that stringent quality control and high safety standards are maintained.

POLMAN S.A. technologies and procedures will become a benchmark for the industry, significantly improving the safety of operatives whilst simultaneously enhancing cost, time and quality client criteria.