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POLMAN S.A. (joint-stock company) was founded in 1986 by Piotr Krawczyk and Mariusz Nowak. At the beginning of our activity we offered professional cleaning service and were selling professional detergents and facitilies for cleaning.
POLMAN S.A. was the forerunner of modern and professional branch cleaning service on Polish market. In the year 1991 the Management Board was taken over by Mariusz Nowak as President of the Management Board and Piotr Krawczyk as Vice-President of the Management Board, who are the biggest shareholders till today as well.
In the 2002 there was the transformation of the company and the limited liability company transformed into joint-stock company. In 2008 POLMAN S.A. made a debut on the New Connect Warsaw Stock Exchange Stock Market. Within the framework of the offer the company gained 2,9 mln zloty. The money was allocated for modernisation of the enterprise and mainly for purchase of equipment needed for the further development in the area of Industrial Cleaning and sales activities.
A part of the capital POLMAN S.A. was allocated for companies takeovers to expand the scope of current operations.
Today the main area of POLMAN’s activity are:
  • Hydrodynamic and Chemical Cleaning of industrial installations,
  • Anti-corrosion surface protecion,
  • Vacuum collection and transport of solids and liquids,
  • System diagnostics,
  • Repair works on industrial installations,
  • Current and periodic maintenance of industrial installations,
  • Building, modernization, dissasssembly and repair works of cooling towers and undustrial chimneys,
  • Catalyst unloading and loading.
Joint-stock company POLMAN S.A. is professionally engaged in comprehensive industrial cleaning with using advanced technologies (hydrodynamics) and work to keep industrial facility performance, current and periodic plant maintenance and all of the other repair works.
The company renders services for entrepreneurs from petrochemical, chemical, cogenerational, food and paper branches.
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