• Abrasive blast cleaning
  • Hydrodynamic technology
  • Surface protection

We offer a package of services in the field of specialized anti-corrosion work in three main thematic groups:

Corrosion protection of steel and nonferrous metals:

  • Removal of rust, old paint, laminates, and other with hydrodynamic method and wet blast cleaning method
  • Cleaning of steel surface to obtain:
  • − Cleanliness Class of Sa 1 to Sa 3 according to ISO 8501 / 1) and surface roughness indicated by the client (abrasive blasting)
  • − Cleanliness class of WJ-4 and S.C.-1 to S.C. -3 According to SSPC - 12/NACE 5 (hydrodynamic cleaning)
  • Selective removal of coatings and stains without damaging the plastered surface,
  • Cleaning in hazardous areas,
  • Anticorrosion, chemical resistant and decorative coating,
  • Coating of temporary protection - inhibitors.

Repair of concrete and reinforced concrete and repair and construction works:

  • Concrete cleaning, removing of paint, laminates, rubber and dirt (hydrodynamic blast cleaning method)
  • Hydrodynamic removal of corroded, cracked and damaged concrete layers
  • Hydrodynamic uncovering of reinforcements
  • Vibration free, hydrodynamic shearing, forging of concrete
  • Cutting holes and cracks in concrete
  • Filling and replenishment of concrete structures by injection
  • Protection of concrete structures by means of impregnation, sealing and paint coating

Technical advice concerning the selection of protective systems and materials, depending on the type of construction, corrosive agents, the protection period and the requirements of the investor.

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