The method we used is that we use water, air or abrasive medium stream for cleaning different kinds of surfaces. In UE countries this method of hydrodynamic cleaning successfuly displaced traditional methods of cleaning using dry abrasive or agressive chemical substances. This method perfectly fits for metal, stone, concrete surfaces cleaning. Torbo Wet Blasting it’s a modern technology which uses wet abrasive. It meets new requirements of the enviromental protection and occupational safety and health in surfaces cleaning (regulation of the Minister of Economy from 16th of December 2002  Journal of Law no 237). The service offered by POLMAN S.A. which uses Torbo Wet Blasting will successfuly displace traditional method of sand-blast cleaning in cleaning metal, stone and concrete surfaces.

Torbo Wet Blasting advantages and possibilties:

  • a completely dust-free method,
  • secure due to no electrostatic tension,
  • an abrasive consumption reduced by 60%,
  • low water consumption,
  • no costs of dry abrasive storage,
  • works are possible in any weather conditions above 0oC
  • possibility of using secure measures and corrosion inhibitors,
  • low costs of operation,
  • universality of using in any place and for every surfaces.

POLMAN S.A. disposes of mobile and modern equipment under the brands KAMAT and TORBO. These devices meet the highest european standards and can work in explosion hazard zones and in continuous motion plants.

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