Rotating heaters cleaning

Hydrodynamic cleaning of rotating heaters in POLMAN technology is based on high-pressure water jet “overshooting” of internal spaces between sheets of metal bundles from the top and from the bottom.

In POLMAN technology we use specialized nozzles sets which we match individually to clean the debris from the interior surfaces.

The benefits of air and exhaust heaters cleaning  using our technology are:

  • reduced timeline of works performance: LUVO 24h, and Regavo 30 – 50h,
  • no necessity for cost works related for dismantling and re-installation of heating baskets,
  • the safety of work performance through constant control of work environment using multi-gas analyzers,
  • usage of safe voltage – 24 V for chassis feeding,
  • a very good accuracy of system works after its parameters synchronization – during the cleaning process there is no possibility for missing even 1 cm2 of cleaned surface,
  • we don’t use any chemicals – no negative impact upon the environment and cleaned steel sheets of the surfaces.
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