POLMAN S.A. has expanded the scope of services offered to industry for vacuum loading, transport and unloading of all materials: solids, liquid and pasty. We have suction-embossing units built on the chassis of commercial vehicles with the following parameters:

  • Tank capacity to 14,000 liters;
  • Vacuum suction - 0,95 bar (95% vacuum);
  • Air flows up to 8,000 m3 / h - suction;
  • Air flows up to 1,500 m3 / h - stamping;
  • Loading capacity to 15m3 / h;
  • A system of filters protecting external environment;
  • Suction / loading - breaking / unloading of materials by means of comb foundation with a diameter of 150 mm;
  • Gravitational unloading by means of high-lift vessel.

Using these units allows quick, efficient and safe removal / transport / unloading of large quantities of bulk materials, liquid and semi-occurring in all industries.

Examples of applications:

  • Removal of sediments, sludge and liquids of all types of ponds, tanks, silos, settlers, canals and pipelines;
  • Cleaning and vacuuming of the ashes of the construction of boilers, combustion chambers and electrostatic precipitators, exhaust ducts, machinery and industrial plants;
  • Cleaning of ash and coal handling plant, chutes, feeders and coal bunkers;
  • Replacement of filter beds;
  • Removal of loose material from the channels of transmission and conveyor structures;
  • Removal of spoil the hydrodynamic work.
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